Passion Java and Makandiwa in public fight

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United States-based controversial preacher and socialite Passion Java, who is in Zimbabwe for a working visit, has made sensational claims that UFIC leader Prophet Makandiwa and his disciple Evidence Chari are planning on destroying him after the latter’s wife claimed Twabam has hacked her Instagram account.

The controversy that is being aired on social media has seen the two parties exchanging damning accusations with Evidence Chari claiming he has audios to prove Passion Java indeed, is the one behind Anesu Chari losing her Instagram account.

Taking to Facebook, Anesu Chari said Passion Java has threatened, before, to do a hostile takeover, hence the accusation.

Passion Java has hacked my Instagram Acc he is threatening to take down my Facebook acc and my husband acc because I have confronted him,so if you don’t see me here know it’s him!!!
What is this world turning into man fighting women and society celebrates …

That’s why women are being r_aped daily by such man because they know no one listens
Well on me he stepped the wrong toe
If you are with me go to his acc and tell him bring back Anesu Chari Instagram Acc
He has threatened me that he has the power on social media and He will do it

It won’t end well mask off!!!
I’m not Afraid of Socialites most of them are my friends except him!!!!
Bring back my Instagram and leave my Facebook acc

To this, Passion Java is convinced, according to hearsay, the three are bent at tarnishing his image and has vowed to remain calm.

I hear this evidence Chari together with wife Anesu Chari says Prophet Makandiwa has sent them to tarnish my name but I won’t fight or do anything I will leave everything in God’s hands…
God will fight all my battles..

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