Exposed: See how Zanu PF will rig 2023 elections

indafrica April 25, 2021
Updated 2021/04/25 at 2:52 PM

The Sunday Mail columnist whose pseudonym is Bishop Lazarus has said the 2023 elections are being rigged by the ruling ZANU PF by its implementation of a number of projects across the country, especially in the rural areas where life challenges are indescribable.

Bishop Lazarus is suspected to be President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba.

The columnist claims that some politicians, in an apparent reference to the opposition, are laughing at the projects which they view as insignificant, not knowing the importance they have to the intended beneficiaries. Said Bishop Lazarus:

Bishop Lazarus has always known that some politicians are hopeless dimwits, but he never thought they could be incorrigibly naïve and daft to the extent of being blind to tectonic shifts happening around the country that are clearly an existential threat to them.

You should have seen how they all laughed and pooh-poohed the recently commissioned bridge that straddles Ruya River and provides an ideal and God-sent thoroughfare to Karanda Mission Hospital.

Most of the narratives obsessed about the suitability of the bridge as a modern carriageway for alien vehicular traffic and reduced beneficiary communities to non-entities whose erstwhile struggles are not worthy of discussion or consideration.

Their former daily struggles remained an insignificant footnote for haughty and snobbish political elites.

It was the same drama when Pembi River Bridge was launched on July 15 last year after a major facelift, or when ED commissioned a new borehole to serve three communities in Nyamandlovu, Matabeleland North.

You have to be irredeemably ignorant not to discern the political connotations of such hugely transformative projects…

The bridge over Ruya River, Pembi River Bridge and the borehole in Nyamandlovu should not be viewed in isolation.

Do you still remember the Chombwe Water Bridge commissioned on December 21 to supply piped water to more than 10 000 households, including schools, clinics and business centres in Chivi, Masvingo?

Such projects, which are changing people’s lives, are already underway in various parts of the country.
In the 2021 Budget, Prof Mthuli Ncube allocated a combined $590 million to Zinwa and DDF to procure drilling rigs, while an additional $741 million was set aside for borehole rehabilitation and maintenance…
Imagine the impact that would be made between now and 2023.

This is how elections are rigged; most definitely how the 2023 elections are being rigged — by fulfilling election promises and materially changing lives for the better.

Bishop Lazarus also says the opposition’s campaign strategies, especially in the rural areas are no match to those of the ruling party.

These remarks come as ZANU PF is being accused of having connived with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), using violence and vote-buying to manipulate previous elections and is reportedly planning to rig future ones.

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