Meet Man forced to resign from work bcoz he has A big 4-5

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A man named Charlton Ndima has been forced to resign from the hospital he works because of the size of his 4-5.

According to Charlton, the hospital forced him to resign because he is gifted and it is not good for other employees.

In the video, the victim says he received an email instructing him to resign because of the way he poses in his pictures.

“I will not apologise for something I did not do anything wrong. If I have a big and long man_hood then why should I be punished for this? I did not deliberately do this,” he says.

Apparently there is a video Charlton posted of him which revealed his body parts and this might be also the cause of the dismissal.

Someone posted an illicit video of Charlton Ndima and his employers got hold of the video. Most likely they held him responsible for the video. As a result, the Hospital forced him to resign.

Reacting to the video posted by Ndima, members of the public have a lot to say.

Charlton, challenge the Employer professional, remember your rights and the rights of the Employer are protected in terms of Labour Relations Act. Take the matter to labour Court for, forced to resign is wrong. Wish all the best bro.”

“But I once mentioned to you that your video is making rounds on this streets.”

“It sounds like you’re should be charging them with a constructive dismissal and please get a litigation law firm for a possible civil claim.”
“Employers bullying people for their private affairs This is wrong It makes me SAD….”

The fact that there a quite a number of videos of this guy posing grabbing his manhood and illicit videos, makes the issue a bit tricky.- Source

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