Meet man who lost his 4-5 after sleeping with Sangoma’s daughter

A man whose 4-5 was shrunk by his sangoma mother-in-law because she felt the man wasn’t good enough for her daughter has finally found peace after the ambuya finally agreed to restore it.

After a series of meetings between relatives the mother-in-law has had a change of heart and the 33-year-old man from Chiawelo, Soweto, is delighted to have his 4-5 back to its full size.

“The meeting was a bit tense as my uncles threatened to report her,” he said.

“But I calmed everyone down and explained my intentions regarding my girlfriend to the mamazala.”
Daily Sun reports that he told her about his plans to marry her formally.

“It was supposed to be a surprise, but I really had to let her know what’s happening.” He said after the meeting, his mother-in-law took him to her shrine.

“I bathed with muthi and she gave me some to use at home,” he said.
“She apologised for what she did and this made me happy as it showed she can finally see I’m serious about her daughter.”

He said his mamazala wasn’t a bad person.

“She’s just a concerned mother. She did it because of my reputation, but I’ve changed. Her daughter is the only woman for me.”

He said it took three days for his 4-5 to recover.

“This experience made me realise how important my 4-5 was. I just couldn’t live with that small thing,” he said.

“Thanks to Daily Sun for intervening. Asking the media to help made her realise how much her daughter means to me.”

The mamazala (56) said she believes her daughter’s boyfriend has changed.
“He’s willing to show how much he’s changed and loves my daughter,” she said.

“What I did was probably extreme but I love my daughter and I want her to be happy.”

The girlfriend (29) said she’s happy her mum sees how much the man means to her. “I was really angry at my mother, but now we’ve sorted it out. I hope she never does this to any of my sisters!” she said.

The boyfriend’s uncle (61) was furious but said as long as the 4-5 is back to normal, all is well.

“You don’t tamper with a man’s 4-5. That thing is very important and you need to respect it.

“My 4-5 was shrunk by my ex for a month, but I managed to get help and protect myself.”

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