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Increase in divorce cases as couples opt for s_x toys

THE use of s_x toys which of late has been on the increase in Zimbabwe, and could be a trigger for loss of affection and desire in marriages leading to high divorce rates and spousal separation, a top Psychologist has warned

Over the past few years, marketing and distribution of sx toys in Zimbabwe has become trendy with the latest offering being the licensing of an Online sx Toy Shop in the country in 2020 while other distributors use their social media platforms to market and sell the coitus enhancing products.

However, the use of sx toys has been linked to s_xual addiction and a loss of attachment to human stimulation and arousal if it goes unchecked.

In an interview with HealthTimes, a leading psychologist in Zimbabwe, Kudakwashe Muchena said in as much as sx toys allow couples and partners to explore their s_xuality and just like masturbation, uncontrolled use of sx toys could result in serious mental health issues which can lead to broken marriages and relationships.

“In our context, sx toys have been something that is taboo and has been mostly linked to H0mos_xuality because they have been seen as a substitute to having a partner.

So in a Heteros_xual (between a man and a woman) marriage, the use of sx toys can actually destroy that marriage because one of the partners involved may actually feel like they are being replaced by a toy so that may destroy the relationship,” said Muchena.

He added that using s_x toys in marriages may lead to the other partner feeling inadequate and feeling insecure at the notion that probably their partner may be looking for a sx toy because they would have failed to satisfy them s_xually.

“That results in some serious damage in terms of mental health. It impacts heavily on the mental health of the other partner involved. Research has shown that when there is open communication between the two parties and when they open up and say we need to explore more of our s_xuality, they can actually get s_x toys to help them.

“Whilst the idea behind getting a s_x toy is to enhance the sexuality of the partners involved. In most cases, it may end up replacing the other partner. Once the part realizes that they can get satisfaction from a toy whether it’s a vibrator or anything, it then diffuses the idea of having a physical partner. For men mostly, we are looking at m_sturbation even for women, research has shown that a lot of people who are involved in m_sturbation end up losing that personification in terms of s_xual contact, they feel that they don’t necessarily need a physical partner to actually satisfy their sexual needs.”

“Sex toys create addiction and addiction is not a healthy behaviour in any manner. S_x addiction impacts the basic fabric of how s_x and intimacy is supposedly acceptable and generally appreciated in whatever form of relationships. In short, the impact of s_x toys is that it leads to s_x addiction.”

He added there has been a growing number of married couples in Zimbabwe who have approached marriage counsellors complaining about not getting the intimacy they deserve from their partners and requesting to use s_x toys instead.

“In Zimbabwe at the moment, I am not sure if there is any practice or anyone who is a s_x therapist who can actually assist those facing s_x addiction problems. However, i know a couple of therapists who are doing marriage counselling or marriage therapist around the country and they have been ceased with these challenges where parties or partners involved actually feel that they are not getting the satisfaction that they deserve from the other party and they even suggested the use of s_x toys to enhance their marriages.

“But ultimately, it then leads to more daring consequences than what it intends to solve. Whilst its intention is to help intimacy in marriage, but ultimately it will lead to a separation or divorce because the other party like I said, may feel that they are being replaced by a toy and which might be true because the other party will be getting more satisfaction from a toy than the actual intimacy with a partner so they end up feeling comfortable with a toy than the other party and that can destroy marriages,” said Muchena.-

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