Anele Security threaten AKA with death… See Pics

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As the AKA saga gets deep and new information being revealed each and every day.

Yesterday it emerged that a family member from the Tembe family nicodemusly sent an email to controversial Podcaster MacG revealing the abuse Anele went through in the hands of AKA.

Also on our website we received a message for AKA from an individual identified as Anele Security saying the rapper will pay for what he did to bis girlfriend.

AKA, someone is going to deal with you when you relax. This will not go unpunished. Your parents will cry forever. Anele is alive in your bedroom. You will soon go MAD and then we finish you. This year you will pay some of it back.

“Or one of your parents or sisters. One way or the other, we coming for you bastard!!!” Read the message.

Meanwhile Anele’s father, Moses Tembe has hired a private investigator to look in his daughter’s death as he believes she was not suicidal and could have not committed suicide.

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