‘Ayanda Ncwane has joined the dark world’ Prophet … See Proof

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Remember that Twitter Prophet, who prophesied Anele Tembe’s death in quotes in December (2020). Well she says business women and Reality TV star Ayanda Ncwane, has joined the dark world.

Phrophet Preshie, posted a picture of Ayanda Ncwane with a group of other reality tv stars including, Lasizwe Dambuza, Musa Mseleku, Lethabo Mathatho, Mamkhize and many more.

When the people on that picture posted that picture, they hinted that something big was coming.

However, Prophet Preshie posted the picture and said, ” The group she’s with hmm, my spirit tells me there was a certain meeting. Ayanda Ncwane please come back to Christ”, she tweeted.

When tweeps asked her what she meant, she said that Ayanda had joined the dark world, and also added that the meeting they had was not work related and she will reveal more later.

She then added that, ” What has happened to Ayanda Ncwane, late’s Sifiso Ncwane’s wife. Can an intercessor from Durban reach through prayer, because the road she has taken is leading to hell, I’m so concerned about her soul.”, she added.

My question to you loyal reader is that, could there be any truth in Preshie’s words?, or is she another person clout chasing?.

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