WATCH: Bulawayo 19-year-old says she’s in love with 50 men

A 19-year-old thigh vendor from Bulawayo explains how she moved to Bindura to engage in her work and that she is in love with 50 men who sometimes pay more money to engage without protection.

Speaking to Kwayedza in an interview, the lady of the night referred to as Nono says she is not ashamed of her trade and considers it as work.

“I was married once and got divorced after following my friends who were in this practice. I only got to O’ Level in school.

“I am in serious relationships with 50 men and others who just want short time. We prefer protection but most of the rich Makorokoza prefer ‘nyoro’”, she says.

Nono says she makes sure she is always clean when going on the “touch line” where they get clients and reveals that some clients pay US$20 without protection.

She says they also use juju to attract clients.

“We get juju from sangomas and prophet to attract clients. You just tell a prophet that you need help in attracting clients and they give us muteuro”,

“Kana usingade zvemishonga iyoyo unongoshandisa weti yako pakugeza, sauti yemagodo kana bute – zvinotibatsira. Weti inodzinga munyama,” she says.

Watch the video below for more;


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