See cheating couple rushed to hospital after being stuck during tlof tlof

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Kenyan media speculated the woman’s husband had cursed them with magic potion.

A couple had to do the ultimate parade of shame when the man’s stick became stuck inside his secret lover during love making, it has been claimed.

The amorous pair were forced to be carried through bustling streets packed with shocked locals on their way to get urgent medical help.

The shocking footage appears to show the couple, still stuck together, being transported along a street on the back of a wooden wheeled cart.

It is said to be have been filmed in Kenya at an undisclosed location and shows the man covering his face with bed sheets as she is wheeled along while his lover is less bashful and simply looks around at the crowd.

The couple are believed to have been making love at a hotel called the classic hotel, when the man found he was unable to separate from his married lover.

She was said to be in great pain due to the awkward condition and so they shouted for help.

Fellow hotel guests apparently came to their aid but the only way to get them to a medical facility was along the street, and the scene quickly attracted a huge gawping crowd.

One of those in the crowd filmed the bizarre sight and shared it online.
The couple were transported through the crowd

The man did not bother to hide his identity Kenyan media speculated that the woman’s cuckolded husband had used a “mangube” potion designed to catch adulterous wives.

“We have had issues with my wife in recent past, she had changed a lot. She ceased being the romantic and caring woman I knew. For sometime, I thought she was being stressed by work but later came to realise that was not the reason,” said Kamau.

A distressed Kamau approached medicine men mugwenu doctors who intervened. The native doctor executed his plan by casting a powerful love spell.

Mugwrnu doctors they gave her a powerful concoction and instructed her to mix the substance with her husband’s bathing water. “Two days later, I was told my wife was stuck with her mpango wakando in Juja.”

They called mugwenu doctors who instructed to pour on them some substance he had given the husband and they later separated,” Kamau concluded.

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