WATCH: Man catches witch in his house, gives her s.£.× … she comes bck tmr asking for more

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In a rather shocking strange but true incident a man gave a witch who was on a mission to bewitch him some good tlof tlof.

In a bizarre twist of events, a man reportedly caught a witch in his house and slept with her while his wife was away.

Narrating his ordeal on Tilder Live on Star FM, the unidentified man shocked the presenter when he called to tell his somewhat strange story.

He says he woke up and saw the unclad witch standing in his kitchen and slept with her.

Interestingly, the witch stays in the same neighbourhood and came over the next day asking for the same.
The visibly shaken Tilda Moyo could not believe what the man was saying.

In the video below the man identified as John from a village in Zimbabwe confesses that when he woke up in the middle of the night he found a naked woman in his kitchen and decided to give him some good d….ck.

The next day in the morning the witch paid him a visit and asked to be given some more.

Watch video below

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