WATCH: Brave woman teaches phone thief a lesson

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When it comes to the natural human fight-or-flight response, many of us would like to think that we would be brave enough to fight if we were presented with a situation where it was necessary.

But let’s be honest, our true instinct would be to get away as quickly as possible.

That was probably what this alleged phone thief was expecting when he decided to steal a lady’s mobile phone.

Video footage surfaced on social media of a man robbing a woman. However, thinking it was going to be an easy act the man learnt a hard lesson.

This thief was caught on camera stealing a cell phone but just as the man grabbed the phone from the woman she decided to fight back and reacted immediately.

The brave woman managed to slam the door of the getaway vehicle, resulting in the thief the flying to the ground.

Watch the video below :

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