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VIDEO of a parent assaulting a teacher, allegedly for telling her kids to leave school because they were late, has gone viral on social media.

The video has angered people across Mzansi, with many calling for the parent to be arrested.

The video was shot on Monday, 14 June at a primary school in Tsetse Village, outside Mahikeng in North West.

In the video, the angry parent is heard accusing the teacher of victimising her children. She then pushes the teacher, who falls over, before assaulting her and continuing to hurl insults.

Education MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela has condemned the incident.

Spokesman Elias Malindi said the 53-year-old teacher was allegedly assaulted by the mother of grade R and grade 4 pupils.

“It’s alleged the parent complained the previous Thursday that the teacher had turned her children away from school for being latecomers.

“Upon investigation, the department found the tw pupils never arrived at school as their names did appear on the register for that day.”

He said the MEC wasn’t pleased with the parent’s behaviour.

Matsemela said: “On behalf of the department, I’d like to strongly condemn the alleged incident against one of our teachers.”

The MEC pleaded with parents to protect teachers and not to harm them.

Malindi said the department had sent a team of psychologists to provide counselling to teachers and pupils.

“A case of assault was opened with local police,” he said.

Twitter users were horrified by the parent’s behaviour.

Moipoloki Wabatho wrote: “The education department should hang its head in shame. Surel there’s a need for security outside and inside schools. What if she’d killed the teacher?”

@Baby1357 wrote: “No wonder her children were late. She has no discipline and has not instilled it in her children. It’s sad what she’s done and she needs to pay.”

If anyone does this to my mom, it’s game over.

This is wrong, and Ed & Police department have got to do something to prevent all this.

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