Prophet St Paul Hagiazo(Vuxaka Mavasa) scams church members and lives a fake life

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It has become a norm that most prophets and so called Man of God are being accused of scamming people and faking miracles.

From the big ones to the new generation prophets it seems it’s becoming harder to prove who the real true ones are.

Man of God Saint Paul Hagiazo also known as Mr vuxaka Ryle Mavasa is the latest to be accused of scamming church members and community members in the name of investments with huge returns.

Below is a story of a victim.

I never wanted to be part of those that are responding on the investment company of Mr Vuxaka Ryle Mavasa ( stage name: St. Paul Hagiazo). But after listening to the recordings he sent to his church WhatsApp group , I became very emotional because all he was doing was to defend himself instead of acknowledging his nonsensical actions, we were not joining network marketing but an investment that will pay us on monthly basis.

In 2018 I texted Mr Vuxaka in regards to the investments and he called me telephonically and we met at Stone heaven (vaal) to confirm that his investment company is genuine and reliable.

Therefore the very same year (2018 , December) I deposited the amount of R20 000 into his bank account ( Capitec) therefore Mr vuxaka said to me “ you ought to invest more in order to get a huge profit” and believe you me I added a lot of thousands and I went as far as recruiting people which I won’t disclose their names to protect their images now .

I asked Mr Vuxaka that How reliable is his investment company, according to mr vuxaka “ I have 3 houses and one house worth 3 million Rands ????as a security, should anything wrong happens then we will sell houses” okay, so I went as far as recruiting many people to get a commission from him but he only paid me a single introduction commission (fee).

And since some people invested their money through me therefore I asked him on when is he going to pay back people their own money, he replied “ I’m still dealing with SARS , they locked all my accounts so I’m still waiting to attend a court order from SARS “ cool, we move, 6 months later , I told him that people want their money from me , he replied “ EZEKIEL signed some things there , 1 2 3. So SARS seized everything including houses ) and guess what!! later I discovered that Mr vuxaka does not own any house in his name nor a car in his name , the man is struggling to finish his house at Majosi.

This is the man who portrays himself as a successful businessman even to date. Mr vuxaka claims that he’s doing tendering currently yet refusing to pay people.

Since I kept all the proof of my investments and others therefore we decided to open a case against him. I have consulted few lawyers that are willing to help the people to get their money. I’m not crying for my money but the rest of the people that invested through me.

I won’t say anything further because I will be cooperating with law enforcement but I’m not scared nor afraid of him. There’s nothing he gonna do to me with his toy gun.

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