SHOCK: Man arrested for inserting drugs in 4-5 pipe

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WE have heard of instances where smugglers are caught with drugs in their bums!

Well, a shocking discovery left many prisoners at a jail precinct with many questions after one of their own was nabbed hiding drugs in his penis.

According to International Business Times, a multiple-time drug offender in Orange County, USA, was charged in May after cops found him hiding methamphetamine inside his penis skin.

The publication reported that the man had been detained in Orange County jail on 13 May after he was found driving with a revoked license.

It is reported that a correctional officer, who conducted a strip search, revealed that the suspect was hiding four crystal rocks in his foreskin.

“A field test of the crystal rocks revealed that they were positive for methamphetamine,” the article read.

Following the discovery, he was charged with possession of methamphetamine and introducing contraband into a penal institution.

The man has previously been arrested for crimes including domestic assault, possession of a firearm and false imprisonment.

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