VIDEO: Young Man who spent his R2.5million in months harassing bank workers

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A young boy who finished his RAF money(2.5 M) yell at Capitec employees.

On the picture, is the young boy who once got money from Road Accident Fund amounting to 2.5 million in Pretoria ( Hammskral).

it was said that he then started to sleep at the expensive hotels, partying, drinking expensive beers and sleeping with different girls.

Just after 5 months this boy went to Capitec Bank to withdraw out some money, he got surprised when it was showing him ‘insufficient funds’ .

Out of anger after seeing this, he went into the Capitec waiting desks and aggressively kicked off the desks shouting “Call the Manager, Call the Manager”

He finished his money amounting to 2.5 million in a five months.


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