S.A government spending billions to import Cuban Teachers, Doctors and Engineers

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South Africa’s unemployed education graduates should not fret about the importation of Cuban teachers for the Department of Basic Education.

This as they are not hired for day-to-day classroom teaching but for boosting the Maths and Science division.

So says the department’s spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga.
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Mhlanga was speaking on the POWER Breakfast on Tuesday.
POWER Breakfast

“They are not employed as educators as such, they are based at the Department of Education.

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“If you look at the research that has been done and the improvement we are making to the system, it is because of the contribution that have been made [by the Cuban specialists].

“They have been there for some years,” he said.

Mhlanga could not give an answer to how much the Cubans cost the South African government.

“I don’t know if you can quantify the people’s contribution in terms of rands and how much they are getting paid,” he said.

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Mhlanga says the specialists’ focus is finding new and effective ways to makes improvements in Maths and Science.

“They do different things. Some of them help teachers with different strategies of teaching maths in a way that will make an improvement.

“Others are working in district offices to create capacity for our colleagues at that level to be able to work.”

Mhlanga adds that the strategies are in response to the implementation of the re-establishment of the maths, science and technology unit into the Department of Basic Education.

This follows the importation of a group of engineers from Cuba to assist in Diep in die Berg water sector in April 2021 and 28 doctors to fight Covid-19 in Gauteng in April 2020.

South Africans have disapproved of the employment of foreign services amid a high unemployment rate.
According to Statistics SA (StatsSA) the unemployment rate for the first qarter of 2021 is 32.6%, the highest since 2008.

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