Fears of a civil war in Mzansi after the Phoenix Massacre

indafrica July 15, 2021
Updated 2021/07/15 at 2:53 PM

This might be a year of gloom as black people respond to the Phoenix massacre. Videos of people being guned down on Phoenix are circulating on social media and this does not look good l.

Based on the information gathered from social media, it can be deduced that a number of black people have been killed allegedly by Phoenix residents.

Since then black people have been responding and promising to fight back. A video of masses flocking out of their homes to Phoenix to retaliate is circulating on social media. A lot a scared this might turn into a civil war .

According to sources in Phoenix, when the alleged looters failed to get to the shops and malls the turned to harming people and damaging property. The alleged looters are also said to have harmed anyone within their reach resulting in the massacre.

On the other hand, observers on social medi a say that Phoenix residents were first to open fire against rioters when they first showed up in the area.

Fears of a civil war in Mzansi after the Phoenix massacre
This has turned into a racial issue which might have dire consequences on both sides. Whilst others are supporting Indians in Phoenix suggesting that they are only protecting their lives and property.

However, witnesses beg to differ and are sharing their incidents.

“I live in Cornubia next to Phoenix, my little brother was beaten up by a bunch of Indians in Phoenix.”

“A guy was shot dead in his own car in Enanda Newton B. Can you imagine how cruel.”

“The racial and class struggle has now begun this has been brewing for a long time.”

“Do these Indians shooting know we have Indians in our neighbourhood and we can also attack them?”

Fears of a civil war in Mzansi after the Phoenix massacre

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