Take or leave It:High bread prices and shortages hit Mzansi

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Reality is now kicking in for looters and law abiding citizens. It is very sad that even those who did not condone the violence and were not part of it are going to suffer..

During the second address of the nation the president mentioned that this coming weeks are going to be tough. We are going to suffer food security and medical insecurities.

Businesses which provide us with food have been destroyed and all the stock has been taken there for this may cause prices to increase.

already as it is people are already buying bread for 30 each. There is no one to blame but the looters. In the next coming month you hear them complaining about price increases yet they are the ones who caused all this mess.

Hopefully those who are condemning the violence are now seeing the consequences. The president whom they were trying to is not affected by all these but us as ordinary citizens.

Celebrities and the zoomer twins who were telling people to continue looting are not going to be affected by this at all. As for those who looted and still have the food that they stole, it’s going to be finished soon they are also going to face reality.

The president has tried countless times to stop the looting and encourage people to think for Their Own Future.

Now we are only realizing that we have a shortage of food and high prices, but soon as the lockdown ends we are going to realize that there are no more jobs.

How are we going to sustain ourselves in the short term?

Due to these long queues by the trucks some people may get infected but they have no choice because they also want to buy food. Looters are making us to go round in circles and our economy will remain stagnant because of them.

Law enforcement officers have tried countless times to calm the crowd and stop the looting but it hasn’t stopped. Some law enforcement officers have lost their lives during the process and this is very disturbing.

Why are we now taking like if we are fighting for food? How is taking a life going to get you employed or out of poverty? These people are simply portraying their criminal acts in the name of free Jacob Zuma.

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