Video: 10-year-old black boy shot at by whites

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The riots in South Africa are now turning into a racial battle as stereotyping has become the orderof the day.

Earlier this week as witnessed through videos Zulu people had a clash with Soutj Africans of Indian descent.

A latest case of racial attacks is that of a group of white people who shot at an unarmed family of black people who were driving with a 1p year old boy.

As witnessed in the video below a white lady who was confronted on why they shot at the car she said it’s because blacks had looted from her shop.

This was a sign that she had already stereotyped all blacks as looters.

Eshowe Residents Shoots Unarmed Black Family.

BREAKING – Tensions are growing as other race groups take law into their own hands, shooting at an unarmed and innocent black people which was travelling with its 10 year-old child.

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