Amadlozi put his 4-5 to sleep for 8 years

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THE last time he slept with a woman was in 2013.

Since then, he has never proposed or fell in love with a woman.

This is because he has no feelings for any woman, which has also affected his 4-5.

And Tebogo Mkhomazi thinks his ancestorial calling took away his manhood.

The 27-year-old from Pretoria CBD told Daily Sun
his 4-5 has been sleeping since 2013.
“I’m not sick. This is the work of my ancestors to make me do their work,” he said.

Tebogo, who is originally from Hammanskraal, Tshwane, said he realised he was a spiritual person at the age of 18.

“As a spiritual person, I also pray to God and ancestors to be close to me.”

He said he has prayed and done everything to please his ancestors, but they don’t seem to be pleased as they haven’t brought back his manhood.

“I’m tired. I went to the mountains and rivers, but nothing seems to help. I want to get married someday and have kids and a family, but such won’t happen,” he said.

Tebogo said he never had a vision that he should tshwasa. “They never highlighted such to me and no one has ever approached me with that.

“I believe I have to do things spiritually as I have been doing now.
“I am now willing to work for them. They can use me to do anything good,” said Tebogo.

He said many strange things have been happening to him.

Last month, he was almost killed by a rolling car in the Pretoria CBD.

He said his friends have also distanced themselves from him, calling him a tokoloshe and snake as his ancestors woke him up at night.

Traditional healer Majoko Hlongwane said Tebogo’s 4-5 is sleeping because a woman he was in love with locked it.

“Ancestors didn’t do such to him. This man needs help to get his manhood working again,” he said
He advised Tebogo to consult a sangoma to get help for his 4-5.

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