Pics and Vids of Phoenix Massacre you’ll not see in the media

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While everything seems to be calming down in South Africa after a week of unrest it’s a whole different story in Pheonix.

The main stream media of South Africa has not been 100 percent transparent with it’s people as they have chosen to ignore and turn a blind eye on the atrocities happening in that section of the country.

Currently Phoenix looks like a real warzone cars have been burnt and people have been detained on the roadside simply because of their skin colors .

Vidoes seen by this publication show how a blacl couple was unfairly detained by a Indian man who was manning a road block.

He even allegedly pulled a gun at them.

His main reason was why the couple carried an extra number plate which was similar and corresponding to the one on their car.


Another tweet seen by this publication shows how the places has been infested by burnt down vehicles on the road sides.

Comments to these tweets shows how devastated and terrified South Africans are at this moment.

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