Video: Metro Police ‘abusing’ woman trying to make living

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A video of Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department harassing a woman has surfaced online.

The video which has attracted more than milliom views on Facebook exposes two Metro Police who wanted to arrest a woman who was selling thatched chairs and buckets by the roadside.

In the video the woman cries uncontrollably begging the police to leave because she has six children to feed.

As she cried as told the police not to confiscate her stuff because her bosses were very strict and would punish her for that.

The video continues until a group of community members came and sided with her demanding that the police let her go because it’s the only ‘human’ thing they can do and let her make a living.

The commotion continues untill Seniors of the two police are called to the scene and they come but the community did not change their stance.

The woman was later let go.


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