Sangoma locks woman’s punni after she said No to him

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SHE rejected a sangoma’s proposal for umjolo after the death of her husband..

But the mum of three never thought the sangoma would take the rejection badly.

However, he did and locked her punani.

She also beleives he didn’t stop there and also locked her daughters’ punanis.

The 49-year-old mum from Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni said before their ordeal, she and her daughters, aged 29, 25 and 22 were starting to accept her husband’s death.

She told Daily Sun her husband died in December 2018 and the sangoma, who lives two streets away, started to ask her out three months later.

“I was clear from the beginning that I wasn’t interested in a relationship. He acted as if he understood, but he came back a year later after my cleansing ceremony and I still said no,” she said.

The woman said the sangoma became angry.

“He told me he’ll show me,” she said.
But she thought the sangoma was making empty threats. However, afterwards she and her new partner couldn’t poke.

“I met someone in November and we fell in love. But his 4-5 wouldn’t get up whenever we wanted to have sex.

“He told me he never had such a problem, so we immediately went to see his sangoma, who said that my punani was locked,” she said.

The couple was given something to drink and bath with, but nothing changed.

While the woman was dealing with her problem, her daughters told her they were also having troubles in their sex lives.

“When we went to the sangoma who helped me, we were told the man had moved on to my daughters,” said the woman.

Her eldest daughter said she realised in January that she had a problem.

She said her boyfriend never had that kind of problem before, so they went to a urologist and he was given some medication, which didn’t work.

“I told my sisters about it and they told me they were experiencing the same problem,” she said.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said the sangoma used a powerful muthi, which was passed on to the children.

“It’s not impossible to remove, but it’ll take time before it is completely removed,” he said.

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