Pics: School Principal accidentally shares own n#des on WhatsApp status

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SOME people on WhatsApp group got more than they asked for when the headmistress at Kumalo Primary School in Bulawayo, Stella Mhlanga, accidentally shared a picture of her shaved privates on her WhatsApp status.

Mhlanga quickly deleted the picture, but not before it was picked up by some of her contacts and reshared.

She apologised for turning her WhatsApp into a mini porn site
“Good evening, sorry for what was posted on the status, someone had borrowed my phone.

My sincere apologies people. It’s not my character and I don’t post such in my status. Please delete,” reads the impassioned apology.

The apology did not stop social media police, who had already downloaded it using WhatsApp GB and taken screen shots, from circulating it widely on social media.

“It was an embarrassing and emotionally charged experience for her. It has really depressed her and I pity her,” said a source from the school who declined to be named.

Mhlanga would not be reachable for comment as her mobile phone was not reachable. – B-Metro

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