What women want during s.ex

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IT HAS often been said that women are uncertain when it comes to what they want.

Their indecisiveness has often been ridiculed by their male counterparts but according to recent trends and times, women have made it crystal clear what it is they want.

From their careers, to their wardrobes and day to day decisions, women have staked their claims and this can also be seen in their s.ex lives.

According to the popular men’s magazine Men’s-Journal, women want specific things during sex.

According to the publication, these are some of the things women want during sex:

1. Dirty talk

According to sexologist Dr Gilda, women want to feel wanted. They want to know they are turning you on, and how. They want to feel hot, desired, appreciated and honoured in the bedroom.

2. Clitoral Stimulation

Some women like to be fingered in their bums or vagina at the same time. According to sex experts, one can try strong sucking, teasing with their tongue, or using your nose and forehead for pressure on the clitoral area.

3. Pleasure Her First

Women have the ability to climax multiple times. And that means that your job as her partner is to make sure that women have more of those orgasms. Many people don’t realise that 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

4. Make Her Feel Beautiful

According to relationship expert Wendy Newman, women who are often told by their partner that their beautiful tend to have a greater self-esteem and greater sexual performance.

5. Be Spontaneous

According to lingerie expert Amy Grey, women like surprises, especially the sexy kind. Surprising your girlfriend or wife with something that shows you care about her while also showing how sexy you think she is can win you major points.

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