Prince Kaybee drops “The Truth” About the Death of Mpura and Killer Kau

The country has been in mourning for the past day after they heard the bad news.

It was revealed to the country that they have lost one of the biggest artists in the Amapiano scene in South Africa.

It was stated that the Umzebenzi Wethu hit maker Mpura and Tholukuthi hey singer Killer Kau passed away in a car accident.

South Africans were busy explaining the whole time about how they have gone too soon and the country was still expecting big things from them.

One of the biggest DJs in South Africa waited until midnight to drop a bombshell that has people extremely angry about this whole thing. Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to properly express the main cause of the death that took place on Monday.

What he explained was labeled as the truth by many people but it left a bitter taste on people’s mouths.

The following is what Prince Kaybee said on twitter:

“It doesn’t mean if it happened it was meant to happen, we need to ANTICIPATE HARM!!! Most things are man made so you influence your destiny in many ways thats why prevention is CHIEF!”

South Africans got very angry at the fact that the famous DJ took his time to write such on his personal Twitter account. This according to many South Africans was very insensitive because both the celebrities and not only public figures but their uncles and nephews to other people who really care about them.

According to Twitter it was not African to say such about people who have passed on. Prince kaybee however still states that the truth needs to be heard by the public no matter how bitter it is.

In fact, he wasn’t to prevent the worst from happening to other people by making people aware that drink and driving leads to death.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think that Prince Kaybee was way too early to try and cr ate awareness over the drink and drinking issue or South Africans not ready for the truth?

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