Pics: 37-year-old single mom with 38 children, all conceived naturally

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No doubt it’s so hard to believe that a 37-year-old woman can be a mother of 38 children.

However, that is the case with Mariam Nabatanzi. The 37-year-old who lives in a village in Uganda has 38 children, most of them born by v_aginal delivery, the last baby being born by cesarean section.

It has been established that she gave birth to her first babies at the age of 13. Her first pregnancy happened to be twins. This mother has a total of 6 sets of twins, 4 sets of triplets, 3 sets of quadruplets and 2 babies born from two single pregnancies.

Pictures: 37-Year-Old woman with 38 children and all conceived naturally
Out of 38 children, there are 10 girls and 28 boys, the first child of this mother is 23 years old and the youngest is 4 months old.

She also did not feel unusual when she had 38 children because her biological father also had 45 children with many different wives.

She is a single mother

Nabatanzi was forced to marry by her family at the age of 12, her husband was 40 years old then. Her married life was extremely difficult. “My husband had many wives and children of his own. They left and I had to take care of his own children.

Charles Musisi, 23, Nabatanzi’s eldest son, said his father had “disappeared” a long time ago and that the 38 siblings grew up entirely thanks to their mother’s love.

“We don’t know what our father’s face looks like. The last time I saw him was on a dark night when I was 13 years old, the time to meet was very fast,” Charles said.

Working hard to make ends meet
Every day, Nabatanzi has to buy 10 kg of cornstarch, 4 kg of sugar and 3 bars of soap to serve the family’s daily needs. Currently, she works as a water collector and distributor to earn money for her children.

In addition, to support the family, this mother also does a number of other jobs such as hairdressing for the bride, decorating events…

Although she did not receive a proper education, she was very attentive to her children’s education:

“I hope the children all go to school, they dream of becoming doctors, teachers, lawyers. I want them to follow. chasing my dreams, which I didn’t do.”

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