List of horrible things Max did to Sophie but she never said it

Lwandle Ocean Ndaba who is Sophie Lichaba’s son decided to vent all the anger that his stepfather caused them in his diss track and now the whole country knows what really happened.

It turns out that Sophie Lichaba’s love life isn’t as rosy as it seems in the tabloids. Although at some point she became the target to the media about her health, most people didn’t know the truth back then.

In the diss track Lwandle is spilling all the beans in order to let everyone know what his step-dad is. He starts with a chorus and in it he labels her step-dad Max Lichaba as the devil saying that he fakes everything. Now everyone knows that Max Lichaba isn’t the perfect husband everyone thought he is. As a matter of fact he has caused Sophie Lichaba lot of pain that affected her health.

Lwandle revealed that his mom ended up with depression after enduring the misery Max Lichaba brought to her. Also it is revealed that Max married Sophie for her money and fame only to spend it on useless stuff leaving the actress and his son to face the struggle of putting food on the table. This diss song really left so many people in shock as they finally learned the truth.

Lwandle even took to Instagram to share a post and the caption is another thing that left people in awe.

“When women say men are trash, believe them. Don’t say not all men because you never know who’s the devil disguised as an angel. I just never thought the devil would be my stepfather, hiding in plain site but operating in the dark. But what’s done in the dark will always come to light. In this track My Stepfather A Devil, I reveal all that he has done to my mother. Stay tuned for lyric video dropping at midnight.” He wrote in his caption.

Also he exposed Max Lichaba’s infidelities. Surprisingly he married Sophie only to cheat on her with Lwandle’s best friend. Obviously that was enough to put the veteran actress into the state of depression.

Although she wasn’t brave enough to speak out, at least her son did it for her. Now she’s at the point where she can choose which path will be best for her. Meanwhile tweeps had so much to say about the diss track. Here are some of the comments.

“Sophie Ndaba’s son is speaking on behalf of most children in SA, I personally went through the same and came to realize not only was my mom traumatized but so was I and no one bothered to think about my feelings.” One tweep vented.

“This is deep and what hip-hop should be about, story telling!! Not this Gucci this, Gucci that nonsense.”
“This is great unfortunately it comes from pain…he really put it out there. Good for him not to bottle things up and rather spit them out.”

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