Pics: 61-year-old lady engaged to 24-yr-old lover

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A lady who is 61 year s old is drowning in love with her husband to be who is only 24 years old “A 61-year-old grandma has proven love has no age as she recently got engaged to her 24-year-old lover” reported Xoli. There is a saying that goes “Age is just a number” but now people are reacting strangely to this couple.

In these pictures it can be seen that these lovers are drowning in love with each other and they can’t contain their happiness, they just keep on posting their pictures on social media platforms, and publicly express the love they have for each other.

Now people have found it hard to not barge into this couple’s relationship.

People have shared their thoughts in the comment section regarding the age gap between these two lovers. Many people were saying that this man is after her money “Secure the bag!” Said a Twitter user.

“The 24-year-old n** is securing the land and inheritance,” said another Twitter user.

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