The Next Deputy President Revealed? Ramaphosa’s Surprises The Nation

indafrica August 16, 2021
Updated 2021/08/16 at 11:18 AM

With the cabinet reshuffle being something that recently happened, there have been different questions being asked to the government about the potential of the next cabinet for Cyril Ramaphosa potential second term.

It is said that Ramaphosa is going to run for a second term as president of the country and it seems that it might be game over for David Mabuza as the deputy president for South Africa.

A secret source revealed to South Africa’s newspaper that the president is planning on changing his deputy president as he feels a better candidate is needed.

The whole time, South Africans have been complaining about the current deputy president as being absent.
South Africans have said that even though they’ve had a deputy president for a whole term of the presidency, he has not done anything tangible or contributed to the country’s growth.

This is probably why it is reported that Cyril Ramaphosa is eyeing a different deputy president for his second term that he might potentially win.

According to the report that came out from the secret source, the next deputy president might be a female.

It is said that the newly-elected minister of defence Thandi Modise has been revealed as the main candidate for this new position. The following is an extract from the times live article:

New defence minister Thandi Modise was recalled from parliament to the national cabinet to position her for a higher post in President
Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration during his second term.

Modise’s name is said to be high on the list of female leaders Ramaphosa’s faction is considering lobbying ANC structures to support for the post of deputy president when the ANC elects new leaders next year”

South Africans are wondering how it could have come to be that the president decided to choose her as the highest choice in the presidency for deputy president. Some believe that it was pressure from the public or the ANC women’s league to have a female deputy president as they are aiming for a female president in the country soon enough.

What can be said is that these are only rumours
at the current moment and the full truth only be revealed when the selection for new leaders in the African National Congress takes place 2022.

What is your take on the matter? Do you believe that she would make a very great deputy president or Cyril Ramaphosa might be aiming to make a very bad decision by selecting her as the new deputy for South Africa?

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