VIDEO: Old man caught ha,ving s-ex with a young lady in the middle of the road

indafrica August 22, 2021
Updated 2021/08/22 at 4:46 AM

Getting f reaky has no age limit and it is proven some people cannot control their feelings.


A video of an old man getting freaky with a girl in the middle of the road is trending on social media. The two are noticed by a driver who is passing by and decides to record the old man’s moment.

What pisses the driver off is that the two just decided to park in the centre of the road and started doing the deeds without even considering that the road can or will be used by other people.


When the person taking the video approaches the old man’s car, the two in the act quickly react to put their pants on.

Unfortunately for the lady it will be too late and she only manages to hide her face.
When asked what they are doing, the old man has nothing to say but apologize for doing it in a public place.


The man’s age and what he is doing is so embarrassing. This only happens when people are cheating and try to utilize any chance they get. The driver is so pissed and asks why at his age he cannot respect himself at

having s_x is not a problem but the location. Some are proud to see that the old man can still get it going. Some hype his game up because he was doing it with a much younger woman. Whatever he did to convince her shows he got game.



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