HORROR: She Unknowingly Dated A Ghost, Had Two Babies Then He Disappeared

indafrica August 24, 2021
Updated 2021/08/24 at 10:09 AM

SOCIAL media has been abuzz after a woman posted on Facebook that she dated a man from Malawi and had two children but that he later disappeared.

She said when she inquired about the whereabouts of the baby daddy, she was told by a sangoma and a prophet that the man died 10 years ago, and the one who was with her was a zombie.

The story got people debating about its authenticity, with some claiming it’s impossible for a zombie to have babies, while some believed it to be true.

According to sangoma Mkhulu Solly Mathebula it was possible for people who practised witchcraft to make other people zombies.

He said that was mostly done in North African countries
by taking the body of someone else and connecting it with someone else’s spirit.

“They take your body and put someone else’s spirit and then you will be in their control, but to your family you will be dead.”


He said that was the reason they sent the zombie to live somewhere else, so they didn’t get recognised.


“This is pure witchcraft, it has nothing to do with ancestors, because no ancestor of yours will allow one of their own to be made a zombie.


“The people who do this need to know your history and your bloodline before they can steal your body,” he said.

Mkhulu Mathebula said although they might not know they were dating a zombie, if they got a traditional healer they would be able to tell them that the person they were with was not an actual human being.


He said zombies lived under someone else’s command, meaning they got given time on how long they will would stay in a particular area or country until they were called back.
“That is the reason there are certain things they cannot do or places they cannot go to. Once their time is up, they disappear,” he said.


On Facebook, Thami Zungu commented: “People who can comprehend this are the ones who know how deep witchcraft is and how deep spirituality is. If people are killed every day and turned into zombies that are used by those abathwele to steal money for them from banks and they become filthy rich, then this is possible.”

Gamedze Lihle: “Yes I fully agree. It’s possible. We have seen ghosts in the past. Not all of them are physically dead, this is what happens. They come to you at night, they create a statue that looks 100% like you, and they take you and put your soul in a bottle. They then send you to another country.


When your family wakes up, they will think you are dead but you are a slave working for someone else.”


But Scelo Christian Sithole disagreed, saying: “The person was never dead. Those prophets lied to you. If you are dead you are dead, you cannot come back to life and even make babies.” Daily Sun

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