Video: Old granny pretending to be police officer arrested for selling alcohol

indafrica August 24, 2021
Updated 2021/08/24 at 5:28 AM

During these lockdowns people lost jobs and ways of income were negatively affected for those in the informal sector.


As a result people had to resort to other means of making money. However, some had to break the rules to make ends meet. A video of a woman who has been selling alcohol from her home illegally breaking the lockdown regulations is circulating on social media .

In the video the old gogo is being asked by the police to go to the nearest police station whilst they confiscate the alcohol from her home. To make matters worse the police find this woman wearing a jersey worn by police officers. So she had been avoiding many questions from the public because she posed as an officer.


Although the granny looks stressed it is unfortunate that she was doing she knew is against the set measures to fight the spread of the virus .

She tries to talk to the officers but they keep on asking her to join them. This is not the first case about alcohol during the lockdowns.

People have found many ways to keep close to their friends and drink together. Despite the authorities encouraging social distancing, people cannot get over the fact of hanging out and drinking with their buddies.


The government of South Africa is encouraging people to get vaccinated so that life can get back to normal.

We have seen other countries like the UK which has gone back to the old ways with people attending soccer matches and cricket matches without wearing face masks. This is all because the population of these countries have vaccinated.

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