Drama as Member of Parliament was busted having s.£x with someone’s wife i

indafrica August 25, 2021
Updated 2021/08/25 at 5:55 PM

Drama as a city Member of Parliament was busted having sex with someone’s wife in Nairobi


As always everything or agenda that happens in secret one day comes to erupt in open it’s always a matter of time and things will always be renowned to the public. A member of parliament from Nairobi was ambushed two weeks ago having sex in a hotel along river road in a lodging.

The Member of Parliament is said to have driven himself that day and at some point he had even decided he was really going to remain with one loyal guard that day for he was going into a sweet mission of screwing someone’s wife.


As one of the hotel guards narrated, he came at the hotel with a vehicle that had no identity at that specific time for he did not want anyone to discover his presence as it was a going to be a mess for such a public figure.


He went direct to the VIP room and later a sexy woman who had everything a normal man’s pants would go wet entered the room.


They stayed at the hotel like 8 hours despite the charges, it was a member of parliament and so money was not the problem to him. A confident source revealed that the woman’s husband busted the two with the help of Kiwanga doctors the re-known herbalists in the region.


It was really a messy situation since the law maker had to apologize in any way he was able to make the story not go so much viral on the media. It was a shameful thing from the Member of Parliament as it would have ruined his second reelection into parliament in case people knew the story especially the netizens.


The parliamentarian learned there was a big embarrassment coming along and so decided to pour a lot of money to curb the scenario.

No one was allowed to go outside or come into the hotel since a big fish had been found on the wrong side. It is thought that he paid the hotel management some amount to ensure that no media people came near the hotel at least to have the nose and ears for the news as it was really such an embarrassing thing he ever did.


For sure money had the power for even it is said the guy had stuck with the wife of the husband who ambushed them where the Member of Parliament had to pay a some of Ksh. 75000 for their unstucking. The next day there was suspicions of what had happened in the hotel but nobody clearly had a clue of what had really happened at that particular time since everyone was barred from reaching the hotel premises especially the media personnel.


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