GBV: Video of wife assaulting husband at KFC

indafrica August 26, 2021
Updated 2021/08/26 at 8:03 AM

Gender Based violence has been a problem many nations and societies are fighting to solve. The fact that this matter is two sided is generally overlooked because of the stereotypes in our societies.


The video circulating on social media has left many men speechless. In the video a woman is assaulting her husband because he does not want to pay for food at a food outlet . Mzansi reacts to this video and many are not happy with this.


The wife slaps her husband in public and says she is hitting him because she left her money at home so he should pay for the food. Spectators are shocked by what they see and they only watch as the wife continues to hit her husband. Many are wondering what happens at home if she has the guts to embarrass and assault her partner in public.


Whatever the fight is about people should not resort to violent matters. Members of the public are displeased with this behavior. Both men and women disapprove of such. Commenting to the video, many feel such matters should be taken seriously and not only focus on women cases. Here are the comments from the disappointed public:


“Ay no i can’t take this to be slapped like this for your own money? This is wrong. She busy saying he osan idiot I told him I left my money at home and twitter is laughing. Liyeza nakuwe shlama!”

“hhayi noma ngabe kunjan this is inhuman and disgusting”

“This is wrong in all level… regardless what’s the fight it’s all about. You can’t…..”
“This is not a joke at all. Totally unacceptable. If it was another gender doing this, it could be in parliament by now”

“It’s not that the man cannot defend himself, he doesn’t wanna go to prison so sisters is taking advantage of that, this is actually sad. we see such things everyday of our lives”


“Absolutely, if he can lift up his he will go to jail. Men are no longer given respect”
“She could’ve slapped him 20 times and no one would’ve intervened… But if he retaliated they wouldn’t even wait a minute before stopping him”


In our societies it is hard for a man to report because usually other men do not take him seriously and tend to laugh t the man but not help him. Whenever people try to take the man seriously, it will be too late. Gender Based violence has been a problem especially against women. It is important to notice that this matter affects both sides.

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