Bad news for unvaccinated people

indafrica August 30, 2021
Updated 2021/08/30 at 9:37 AM

Do you remember that before we even knew about the type of vaccines that would be used on the South African soil, we were told that no one would be forced to get vaccinated?


Rumours started spreading, people started claiming that they were allegedly intimidated to get vaccinated.


It is still very much clear that there are still
people who are against getting vaccinated and believe they have a right to say no, which is true indeed. Truly speaking, I was also against getting vaccinated until I thought of my children’s safety, I got vaccinated because I want them to stay safe.


The bad news for the unvaccinated people is that the government has already started sending messages to vaccinated people, these messages contain their names, surnames, place and date of vaccination and your vaccination code. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

What do you think the vaccination code is for? This is what the message says about the vaccination code, “Please keep this code in a safe place, should you be required to verify your vaccination status.”

This made me believe that there are chances that people may be asked to verify their vaccination status before receiving help or assistance in certain situations in future, does this mean the unvaccinated people will not be assisted?

Imagine being told not to get into a bus, soccer stadium, shop or bank branch because you cannot verify your vaccination status. I am not saying that this will happen but what do you think the vaccination code is for? Why should we keep it safe if it is not significant?


This is bad news to the unvaccinated people because they won’t have these codes. This means they might not have the same privileges as the vaccinated people. I hope you gained something from this article.

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