Malema’s salary revealed… Amazing figures

Julius Malema is officially paid by tax payers as a parliamentarian. Not only is he paid as a Member of Parliament but also as a Leader of a Minority Party.

The Department of Public Service and Administration makes known the salaries of all those paid by its purse.

They release all new salaries via a Government Gazette which is passed by the Minister of the department.

The exact figures: R 1 346 232 p.a


Malema is paid as a Leader of a Minority Party in the National Assembly. These figures usually change every year depending on how much increment is introduced and passed.

As a Member of Parliament, Malema is tasked to champion the issues from his constituency and has an obligation to report back on progress made in parliament.

Other benefits?

There are a number of benefits to Members of Parliament. Of these include: GEMS Medical Aide (A medical aide scheme by government for government employees); travel allowance; house allowance (at parliamentary villas); office allowance and several others.

That is a great package compared to many governments’ salaries in Africa and even abroad.

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