AKA shares n_u.des, Mzansi brings back Nelli Tembe’s death case

indafrica August 31, 2021
Updated 2021/08/31 at 7:21 PM

Pictures: AKA shares n_udes, Mzansi brings back Nelli Tembe’s death case

No doubt AKA is trending for the wrong reasons of late. Despite having a successful comeback after the tragic death of his girlfriend Nelli Tembe, Mzansi has taken a swipe at Supa Mega.

His collaboration with Costa Tich is topping the chats and the Hip Hop stars are set to release a video of their hit Super Soft. Well in the wake of the release. The song was released earlier this month and has been tipped to be one of the summer’s hottest tracks.


Now the pair have wrapped up filming the music video and are teasing the visuals on their social media accounts.


The pics posted on Instagram show off a big-budget production for the Super Soft music video, complete with luxury vehicles, plenty of bling and a bevvy of bikini-clad women.

But while many were elated that their idol is finally back in the music business, a handful had a few issues with it…


“Love your music but damn it objectifies women. Aren’t you tired of the [email protected] video whore?” asked one follower.
Then there were those who brought up his past.


“He’s been lately behaving as if nothing happened,” one follower remarked in the comments section.


“Are you not supposed to be under investigation for murder?” another follower brazenly asked.


The fans were no doubt referring to the passing of AKA’s fiance Nelli Tembe who died in April after she tragically leapt from the tenth floor of a Cape Town hotel. Earlier this month, AKA posted a tribute to Nelli, claiming “the pain never goes away”.

In other news, it was reported that Revealed: AKA was nursing wounds and bruises when Nelli Tembe jumped n_aked . Well, it seems as if a lot was happening between AKA and Nelli. The two had a toxic affair that was covered up by a series of picture-perfect pictures.


As tensions between AKA and the Tembe family continue to build, more information regarding the mysterious death of Nelli surfaces. Last week numerous videos showing violence and abuse between AKA and his fiancée Tembe surfaced. Well in the wake of this daring evidence Nelli’s father has opted to hire some private investigators into the matter.


In some viral videos, AKA was seen breaking down a door while a terrified Tembe is heard pleading with him to calm down. This led many to believe there is more to this AKA story than what has been shared.


A source who does not want to be named said that AKA told them that they arrived at the hotel after his performance and a fight broke out between them. Though the musician did not reveal what triggered the fight, said the source, he sustained injuries to his hands caused by Nelli during the scuffle.


“He then video-phoned Anele’s cousin and explained to her that Anele was fighting with him and even showed her the injuries sustained to his hands.”
The source alleged that AKA then handed his cellphone over to Anele to talk to her cousin who wanted to calm her down and he then went to the loo. He said while talking to her cousin, Anele jumped off the balcony. Her half n_aked body was found by emergency personnel who declared her dead at the scene.

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