Duduzane Is Allegedly Spotted Enjoying In Dubai While His Father Is Asking For Donations

indafrica September 3, 2021
Updated 2021/09/03 at 9:00 AM

A man who is allegedly among those who donated money to Jacob Zuma to offset his ever-increasing legal fees is angry after the pictures of Duduzane Zuma playing golf went viral on social media.


Many people have now concluded that the donation was political, motivated to invoke sympathy for Jacob Zuma.


Someone wrote, “Imagine having a son like Duduzane and a daughter like Duduzile, his father is in jail and asking us for donations for his legal fees while he enjoys the soft life of the UAE”.


Another person also noted that Duduzane uses a lot of costly SUVs and advised that he should sell some to fund his father’s legal battle. Jacob Zuma is battling several court cases bothering on arms deal saga, violation of constitutional Court order and the state capture inquiry commission. All these legal battles have allegedly taken an ugly toll on the former president’s finances.


An angry South African youth said that Duduzane uses a lot of bodyguards and bouncers, and that he must reduce it and use the proceeds to help his father.

He also lamented that the ex-president is still languishing in prison while his son is enjoying a vacation and a golf course, yet his father is still asking for more donations through his Jacob Zuma’s foundation.


The Jacob Zuma’s foundation has declared that the ex-president is bankrupt and needs help to be able to foot his ever-increasing legal cost. Although some people have been pleading with president Cyril Ramaphosa to grant the ex-president, who also double as hid former boss a presidential, the old man is still being detained in prison despite undergoing a health challenging surgery.


Many people had hoped that the octogenarian would be allowed to go home and recover after the surgery, but president Cyril Ramaphosa have remained adamant and would not harken to the pleas for pardon.


Some political analysts believe that what is happening to Jacob Zuma has to do with the infighting and the factional strife in the ANC.


They observed that currently, all the RET ANC Faction, which Jacob Zuma belongs to and also as their leaders. Many of the RET ANC members are facing different kinds of court cases, and the few ones without court cases are serving different forms of suspension from the ruling party.


Carl Niehaus and Ace Magashule are all facing the same fate. Expectedly, these are people who are close to Jacob Zuma, his confidants and supporters.


The CR17 faction is trying hard to eliminate the RET ANC Faction and so far, only an insignificant fraction of the RET is left.

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