It ended in tears for real as Natasha and lorch unfollow and attack each other in public

indafrica September 4, 2021
Updated 2021/09/04 at 3:17 PM

Things are not really working for Lorch and Natasha in their relationship .

It is not for the sometimes something which made people to be suspicious on whether the 2 are still together happened , it is indeed happening for the Second time in their beloved telationship.


Things started when Lorch ans Natasha deleted each other’s posts on Social media platforms .many of the Souty Africans from then started suspecting that the 2 are nolonger into each other at all , that’s how things were happening in their lives during that particular point and time .


But their affairs is confusing to almost everyone , simply because after they deleted each other’s posts , they again posted each other on the Social media platforms statuses . That was a very disturbing to the whole country as people didn’t know which is which.

I personally think the two are just cauGht up in some toxic relationship of which both of them they are not sure about each other’s future in the meantime .


I think they are both in a dangerous situation at this point and rime ans it’s important to deal with their issues on their own ways .

So many people in the meantime who are married to the people they never wanted to get married to at some points . It is a very problematic and unnecessary issues all the times.

I personally think that irregardless of the history people can be having , it is always important that people they marry people they are more comfortable with all the times . I think that is a very key and important issue all the times of which people must never ignore. Our mental health always comes first in all situations.

I think the 2 must ovoid Social media platforms by all means necessary


The problem with Social media relationships is the fact that people always have hatred against each other at all material times , but fail to tell each other as they want to please media

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