Meet man who claims is dating Connie Ferguson has his day online

indafrica September 5, 2021
Updated 2021/09/05 at 4:12 AM

Connie Ferguson recently lost her husband Shona Ferguson last month .He died from covid 19 complications .Shona was a film mogul and one of the greatest actors South Africa has ever produced .


Him and his Wife Connie are founders of Ferguson Films which has produced so many series , soapies and movies in South Africa .Shona was Even called the Tyler Perry of South Africa.

Connie has been mourning her late husband and now there are posts circulating on social media that she is now in a new relationship .See below .


This man is saying he is a relationship with Connie Ferguson ad i dont think Connie is aware of this .He changed his facebook relationship status and added Connie as his partner .Connie just lost her soulmate Shona , its impossible that she woukd move on so fast and make it public for that matter .

Currently people are saying how could Connie move on so fast from Shona Ferguson and how bad this makes her looks .But what South Doesn’t know is that Connie is not aware she is now in a relationship with someone people dont know .We doubt she even knows the person who claims is in arelationship with her

This is not the first time this has happened. Minister of education was also announced to be in a relationship she was not aware of on facebook.This norm must stop because it tarnishes the images of these public figures for no reason and making them look like they are dating young boys.

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