Meet Limpopo Billionaire who washes his face with 2litres of Coca-Cola everyday

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Meet the alleged Limpopo billionaire who washes his face with a two litre bottle of Coke. See Pics

Meet the alleged Limpopo billionaire who washes his face with a two litre bottle of Coke. See Pics

We all dream of one day hitting the big time and becoming rich. Many play the national lottery games in the hope of winning the millions. Each and every people try their luck with no or little success.


The odds of winning lotto are said to be between one and more than three million. That means you are more likely to be run over by an aeroplane than win the lottery.


In all our attempts to win the lottery very few have solid ideas of what they will do with their loot. A lot of people wake up too late and realise that they have squandered all the money with silly things.


An alleged billionaire from Limpopo ia showing people what he might do if he was to come into millions. In the pictures the young man can be seen pouring a two litre Coca-Cola drink into a sink then started washing his face with it.


I understand showing off but washing your face with that kind of liquid might not be sanitary. But these are the kind of crazy things people think of doing if they become rich.


A lot of black people are living in poverty with very limited opportunities to turn their lives around. The looting of shops in July confirmed the level of desperation of people in the country.


The looting was an unprecedented occurrence which shocked many people across the world including investors. The government has since reintroduced the R350 social relief grant to those who are not receiving any formal income.

The R350 grant was also extended to the care givers who were excluded in the past. This will without a doubt bring much needed relief to those living below the poverty datum line.

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