#SkeemSaam drama as Kat & Lehasa need DNA for Prett’s Pregnancy

indafrica September 9, 2021
Updated 2021/09/09 at 3:28 AM

Right now Pretty is pregnant and she is extremely stressed, Because she would not like to be pregnant, Pretty will acknowledge how manipulative Eunice could be, Because she is the person who offered her to Lehasa Maphosa.


Remember Pretty was not keen on Lehasa Maphosa on the grounds that she realizes very well that she has a beau Katlego, Eunice likewise knew, But she conceded Fanie Maserumule to make her Sabotage her companion.

Pretty Seakamela went Johannesburg to invigorate her psyche and Eunice was the solitary companion that she could go to,but Eunice neglected to prompt her the second she needs her the most, Eunice likewise realizes that Lehasa Maphosa was bad but rather she sold pretty out, pretty Seakamela was additionally worried and Lehasa Maphosa exploited with her.


Pretty Seakamela understood that she did an immense slip-up the second Thabo, Kwaito and Katlego came to beat Lehasa Maphosa in his own home, Lehasa Maphosa was utilizing Pretty and Pretty didn’t know, How could he keeps her in his home for quite a while until her family stressed over her.


The only thing that could explain her being sure of this is if she and Lehasa were always, without fail, using protection. If yes, then it makes sense that she automatically assumed that Kat is the father. Be that as it may, Pretty didn’t even take a second to figure out the calendar and align it with the doctors suspicion of her being 10 weeks pregnant.
What can we take from this?


Women can gamble with someone’s life. What she is doing right now is a gamble with both men’s lives because Lehasa wants a baby, she assumed that it’s not his. Kat will be reluctant that the baby is his because she was with Lehasa so even his life is affected.


More than anything, it shows that DNA tests are mandatory in this day and age because you can never assume and confirm paternity in your head (and sometimes maternity itself due to hospital incompetence).

So pretty forgot that she has sex with lehasa
she can’t be serious thinking that kat is the father #SkeemSaam https://t.co/rPo7GYV4XA

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