Fresh Details On Kudzai and Khanyi Mbau Relationship Sh0ck Fans

indafrica September 12, 2021
Updated 2021/09/12 at 5:38 AM

After the rollercoaster ride social media users were taken on last week thanks to Kudzai and Khanyi’s relationship, Khanyi Mbau has dropped more clues as to where she stands with her boyfriend Kudzai Terrance Mushonga.

The drama began when Kudzai claimed Khanyi had gone “missing” in Dubai and days later, the question on everyone’s minds is: are the two still together?

Kudzai wasn’t afraid to share on Instagram that he is fighting for this relationship and isn’t ready for it to end. Khanyi, however, has remained somewhat tight-lipped about whether or not she feels the same.

The socialite and actress shared a few interesting posts from a fan page celebrating the couple. The page, @2Kreloaded_official, shares multiple pictures and videos of Kudzai and Khanyi and had over 19,000 followers on Instagram at the time of writing.

Both Kudzai and Khanyi (or “2k” as they are known by fans) follow the page and the account seems to have access to some exclusive pictures of the pair and their infamous trip to Dubai.

Khanyi Mbau shares posts from fan page that celebrates her relationship with her boyfriend Kudzai

Khanyi also shared a quote on Thursday that left fans scratching their heads. The quote reads: “Couples don’t break up anymore, one person acts like an asshole till [sic] the other person can’t take it anymore.”

Kudzai, currently still in Dubai, recently shared that he misses his “girl”.

The businessman may need to put in the work to win her back. He wrote numerous messages on his account that revealed private aspects of their romance. From money matters, adding that he “takes care of everything”, to him publicly pleading for his partner to talk to him.

“I have reflected on all this! And it’s my fault, I caused this and I take full responsibility for it,” wrote Kudzai in one of his multiple apologies.
Apologies that came after Kudzai claimed Khanyi had gone to the salon and never returned home.

During his social media rant, he made sure to emphasise that he never did anything wrong.

Eventually, Khanyi was “found” after she arrived safely back in South Africa – something Kudzai seemingly found out on social media.
Only time will tell what will happen between Kudzai and Khanyi.

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