Qwabe twins reveal why they are not into mjolo

indafrica September 12, 2021
Updated 2021/09/12 at 5:52 AM

Qwabe twins Viggy and Virginia have decided to take a break from dating and concentrate on writing and composing music.

They recently released a single with DJ Tira titled Ngilimele.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Viggy said: “This is a love song and it was written by us. It was released a month ago and we are happy with the feedback.”

She described this song as a love journey between two people.
“It seeks to make someone understand his or her past disappointments.

“It’s also a prayer and healing song, calling upon the other party to understand their vulnerability,” she said.

According to Virginia, the song will mainly relate to young women who are trying to find themselves.

“We composed this song to heal the young people out there. It also sends a message to our brothers out there that we are not perfect and so we ought to be treated right,” she said.

She said the song was inspired by baggage that is normally carried by women into new relationships.

“This song is not just entertaining but it has a deep meaning. In most cases women are the ones who enter relationships with baggage. As women, we naturally love wholeheartedly and tend to lose ourselves. As a result, when things don’t work out we are hurt the most and carry that baggage into the next relationship,” said Virginia.

They are also preparing to drop another single titled Shona Langa before the end of this month.

“This is a gqom song and it was also written by us. It’s also a love song with a similar message. The song is currently being sampled and the feedback is very good,” said Virginia.

As much as they are into love songs, they are not dating anyone.

“For now we’ve decided to put our love lives on hold. We are still growing in the industry so we don’t want anything that is going to demand or disrupt our time and work. Everything will happen in good time,” said Virginia.

She said they are also preparing to drop an EP before the end of this year.

– Daily Sun

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