Interesting facts about Zinhle from Rhythm City

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Rhythm City Actress Kealeboga Masango”/>5 Interesting Facts To Know About Rhythm City Actress Kealeboga Masango
Kealeboga Masango, the actress from Rhythm City, has 5 interesting facts to share.


As time goes on, the industry welcomes a slew of fresh faces to the small screen, all of whom have quickly become fan favorites due to their abilities. South Africa has recently been introduced to new powerhouse actresses such as Cindy Thando, Ama Qamata, and others who have built a name for themselves in the profession in a short period of time.


On Rhythm City, fans were recently exposed to another new face actress, Zinhle Ngobese, who played the character of Zinhle Ngobese. Kealeboga Masango, a gifted actress, has stunned Mzansi with her abilities at such an early age, and she has since captured the hearts of many.


Despite the fact that the popular series in which she played has come to an end, fans are still hoping to see more of the actress on television. The following are some interesting facts about the young actress.


Kealeboga was born 21st October 2003
2. The actress is originally from Umlazi, KZN
3. completing high school, Masango attended the University Of South Africa ( Unisa)
4. Kealeboga dreams of being a successful entertainer
5. She is known for her role as Zinhle Ngobese on Rhythm City.

Zinhle on Rhythm City Kealeboga Masango (born in 2003) is an actress in South Africa. She drew the attention of many for playing the role of Zinhle Ngobese in Rhythm City on Mzansi Magic.


She found love in the eyes of many television viewers in the country with her role.
Kealeboga Masango (17) is an actress popular for playing the role of Zinhle Ngobese in Rhythm City. Image:, @kealebogamasango7 Name
Kealeboga Masango Age
17 years old Date of birth 2003 Origin Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal Nationality South African Gender Female Profession Actor Popular role Zinhle on Rhythm City Real Name Though viewers address her by her character name, her real name is Kealeboga Masango.


Image:, @kealebogamasango7 While many viewers address her by her character name Zinhle Ngobese, her real name is Kealeboga Masango. The gorgeous and lovely actress has captured the mind of Rhythm city lovers with both her character and real-life personality.


Age Her date of birth is 2003, the young beauty and talented actress, Kealeboga Masango, is 17 years old. She hails from Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Online Presence On Instagram, users created fan pages for Kealeboga like @masangokealeboga and @kealebogamasango7. There they share pictures of her and her everyday life. She is yet to manage an Instagram account because she is still a minor.


A model and actress in the country, Nompilo Gwala, shared a video containing her and Kealeboga behind the scene at the Studio. In the video, Kealeboga tried to explain to fans and followers why she is yet to have an account on the photo-sharing app.


Kealeboga said that she is yet to own an account on Instagram and not anti-social. Though many young celebrities in South Africa own an Instagram account including, Kairo Forbes and Retha RSA, Kealeboga prefers to wait until she gets to the legal age.


Zinhle on Rhythm City She portrays the role of Zinhle Ngobese on Rhythm City which aires on Weekdays at 19:00 on Kealeboga Masango plays the role of Zinhle Ngobese on Rhythm City.


The popular Mzansi show is aired on Weekdays at 19:00 on She made waves on social media as users admired her beauty and acting skills.


The character, Zinhle, is a spoilt brat who wants people to follow her pattern in doing everything. She is a spiral child of Slaza, her father, and went out of control after losing her brother Theo. Zinhle took drugs and tried to take her life after the feeling of depression and hopelessness.

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