#DurbanGen Dr Thabo gets arrested for killing his brother Sibusiso

indafrica September 28, 2021
Updated 2021/09/28 at 3:27 AM

all started when Dr. Zandile found out that her friend and enemy, Dr. Precious, had an affair with her husband’s younger brother, Sibusiso.

Precious started the affair when she found out that Dr. Thabo Dlamini, her husband, could not convince his own children. She decided to have a child with a Dlamini man instead of going to a donor.

For some sick and selfish reasons Zandile started to blackmail Precious to get her life with Thabo or she tells her about her big secret of who is the real father of their son,Mvelo.

After months of Zandile blackmailing her, Precious did some digging about her past and found out some of her secrets.

It was unfortunate that she did not have enough proof of her secrets and kept Zandile in the hospital’s storage room against her well.

When Zandile finally gets out of the storage room she will tell Thabo about the affair Precious and Sibusiso had and who is the father of their son, Mvelo.

This secret will break the Dlamini family especially after Thabo kills Sibusiso for betraying him by sleeping with his wife and fathering his son.

The first season of Durban General ends on October 1st,2021 and season 2 with start the following Monday, October 4th,2021. The new season of Durban Gen starts with a bang as Doctor.

Thabo lands her self in jail for killing his brother and betrayer, Sibusiso. Thabo will lose everything he worked and tried to fix over the past few weeks.

The arrest might result to him losing his career and his house. The life after Sibusiso’s death will be difficult for Mbali, his widow.

His mother, Agatha, will be more difficult and hard on her even after she lost her husband who cheated on her and fathered a child with her sister in law, Precious.

Of course this will be the end of Dr. Precious as we all know she is also leaving the show.

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