Durban Gen secret is out… Zandile spills all while Calvin fights for his life

indafrica September 29, 2021
Updated 2021/09/29 at 4:11 AM

Things are set to take the most dramatic turn on etv’s soapie Durban Gen as the month draws to a close.

Zandile loses it and spill the tea on a well kept secret which drives Thabo crazy and goes on a slaughter mission.

While the results of lifting the lid by Zandile are deadly her ex Ben 10, Calvin fights to breathe again as he fights for his life.

Mbali on the other hand is caught up between a rock and a hard place. She has to step up in a very big way when Thabo messes up so she can evite the troubles.

MacGyver is let down and begins to rethink his priorities and possible let go of the dream that seems to hard to attain.

The hospital Durban Gen is at it’s brink of destruction and it seems no one can stop it.

While most carry on with their daily lives, unaware of the catastrophe already at play, Calvinis fighting for his life while Thabo continues like a mad man on a deadly mission to bring his betrayerst o book.

Will Nkabinde and Agatha’s prayers save them?

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