‘I died for 3 minutes’ Skeem Saam Actress Mokgadi asks for Msanzi’s prayers

indafrica September 29, 2021
Updated 2021/09/29 at 11:16 AM

It hard to live during lockdown. We have seen many celebrities struggling to make living while there are those who already left their home and went back home because they could no longer pay their bound.

The SkeemSaam actress Mokgadi is one of actress who got hit by lockdown. The actress is currently on leave in SkeemSaam.

Pebetsi Nolo Matlaila is a South African actress and radio personality best known for playing the role of Mokgadi Matloga in SABC sopaie drama Skeem Saam.

The actress recently took it to her social media page where she left heart breaking massages. It’s hard to live if your a Celeb. Since the actress just had a new born baby she’s currently on live and she’s not making any income.

The massage which she left shock her fans as it was unexpected. She recently got married last year 2020 December but according to her masage in twitter it seems like she no longer in a relation with the guy.

She said that she has overcome too.many challenges in her life including during her time of giving a birth. She explain on how she nearly lost her baby during labour.

She said she almost died for three minutes during delivery. Pebetsi recently went through another traumatic experience in her life.

The actress, who recently delivered a healthy baby, says her childbirth experience wasn’t exactly smooth sailing as she developed complications during her pregnancy.

She had a traumatic delivery. She was told that she almost lost her life during labour because of a condition called Pre-eclampsia. She was left shaken because apparently, most women and their babies don’t survive.

I was also surprised to hear speaking about working alone and all the hunger. I keep on asking asking myself what could have happen to her baby daddy in her life. She said that she is struggling to make living since she’s not at work and if she’s not at work it means there’s no money.

SkeemSaam actress Pebetsi revealed that she has over come challenges from the person she really trust with her whole life. According to her it seems like her husband’s which it clearly not sure if they are dating or not.

Apparently it eems like he was very abusive to her thats according to her in her video. The couple does not have one year being married but their relationship is on rock. Shenis now a child of God who believes and put trust in God.

It hard to be a woman. We have been many couples speaking out about their relation but this one is hard more special when there is a child involved in a middle.

Her fans has been sending best wishes massages in Instagram more special those who understand her situation.

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