List of The Queen actors who have been fired

The Queen fans still can’t get to the fact that The Ferguson have tendecy of firing and hiring new actress. We have seen years back talented actress and actor may join but the by stay long after they get kicked out of the show.

Actress who recently said to be leaving The Queen is Ntando Duma. There has been rumours that the actress was fired from the show. We not sure if it’s true or not.

Before the announcement was made was rumours circulating for months now about her departure.

Many thoughts that she was kicked out of the show by The Ferguson until we come to learn the truth. The South African actress Ntando Duma have made her departure this week after she was killed by the Khoza’s. Her death followed as a result of revenge after Hector Bombed one of Khoza’s car where Kea was inside.

According to the sources Ntando Duma has make her exist following the fact that she score a role to join Netflix project.


Dineo Langa

The actress Dineo Langa, her role has been killed since last year 2020. The rumours has been going on since the start of pandemic following the rumours that she got fired after she asked leave.

The Ferguson production company has killed her character of Kea Khoza in “The Queen” after being in the show for more than four years. Kea has apparently died after the car she was being driven in from the airport blew up. Kea’s dies on her way to the funeral, thanks to Hector’s plan.

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